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At BANFORDS We Want You to Go On a Journey

For over 10 years we have been growing our shop in Bude. In 2013 we moved to an old CO-OP convenience store. With a change of name and with all the extra space, we have been able to make BANFORDS into a shop with some Cornish magic.

With specially designed display units, you can browse our stock while taking a summer’s afternoon walk down Beach Hut Row up to the Fishman’s shack, stroll through the dappled light of the Avenue of Trees, and mind your head in the cool air of the Babbling Brook Caves

Enter the cool evening of a starlit night spotting the full moon at the Pirate Skull Cove, watch your step down Dinosaur Valley where a four meter Dinosaur looks down on you (don't worry, he's friendly).

Take a step back in time with our retro and pocket money toys, then enter one of the largest ranges of PLAYMOBIL in the UK, with 7 amazing moving action PLAYMOBIL displays.

Finish your stroll at Cornish Maids, where you will find Yummie Cornish Fudge & Biscuits, rock and other sweet things.

Our Mission

Our aim at BANFORDS is to make shopping magical. An experience where you are not just amazed at our fantastic prices, but are also taken to a place of magic by the fun displays and scenes. It’s where we aim to make you feel young at heart, and where you can shop with a smile on your face.